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What We Do

Software automation applications to help financial operations are becoming more and more specialized and less and less expensive. No longer do finance and accounting professionals have to settle for expensive, difficult to install, and costly to maintain specialized applications that have traditionally been afterthoughts of the large software providers.


Through its InvoiceInfo software-as-a-service suite, Financial Operations Networks provides focused, trustworthy specialized applications to help automate the handling of invoice payment status inquiries and service to vendors. InvoiceInfo: 

  • Reduces invoice payment status cost
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Streamlines vendor onboarding
  • Enhances vendor relationships
  • Reduces supplier management cost
  • Helps you focus on your core business


Who We Are

Financial Operation Networks management team has a collective 105 years’ of operating experience in the accounts payable space. The CEO Phil Binkow and the management team have worked together for a total of 71 years, initially at PayTECH, one of the leading electronic invoice and information processing companies. During that time, PayTECH processed over one hundred million invoices annually, and as you can imagine, spent considerable effort and financial resources answering vendor calls and emails. To eliminate the manual process of answering call after call and email after email, in 1996 the team developed a vendor self-service portal to replace costly manual responses to inquiries. After the sale of PayTECH in 1999 (to Profit Recovery Group [NASDAQ:PRGX]), the team founded Financial Operations Networks, the parent of The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN) and InvoiceInfo. TAPN became the world’s leading resource dedicated to helping AP professionals and their departments become best in class. InvoiceInfo is the payment status portal of choice for leading companies worldwide. Having recently sold The Accounts Payable Network to Diversified Business Communications, the entire focus and mission of FON is to help AP and procurement professionals excel at vendor management through a wide variety of tools and strategies, including its vendor self-service portal, InvoiceInfo.


We’re Not Just Another Technology Vendor!

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