Vendor Self-Service Invoice Inquiry

Providing customer service to thousands of vendors and to those responsible for managing vendor relationships is a labor intensive, costly process which impacts relationships with their suppliers and those responsible for managing supplier relationships. Telephone calls, emails and faxes regarding verification of invoice receipt and payment status must be handled, inquiries researched and responses made, all taking time and subject to error and discretionary manual security measures.


InvoiceInfo’s vendor self-service portal is a cost effective software-as-a-service application that automates invoice payment status inquiries and saves labor hours by allowing suppliers and internal staff to easily and instantly get answers to their questions. InvoiceInfo clients reduce labor hours while suppliers and internal staff members get a fast and convenient means to access invoice information at a cost savings for the client. Clients avoid emails and calls from collectors about payment and invoice status, while vendors gets answers to their questions immediately – a situation where everyone wins!

Vendor Relationship Management and Information Exchange

With a clear objective to foster the environment for win-win relationships for you and your suppliers, suppliers can upload information, documents and invoices. Clients are provided with tips, tools and advice to put on the portal to help their suppliers.

Vendor Portal Adoption Marketing Program

Clients are provided with a marketing collateral kit to support rapid adoption. Alternately, if you want to turn the adoption marketing over to us, we are happy to work with your suppliers to show them the benefits of using your self-service portal rather than bothering your busy AP team.