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Reduce manual vendor verification and data entry steps by 75%


Eliminate 80% of supplier invoice inquiries

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Financial Operations Networks (FON) provides specialized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that automate vendor onboarding and profile management, information verifications, and invoice status inquiries. Learn More

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Automated & Secure

Straightforward Solutions

Financial Operations Networks (FON) provides specialized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that automate invoice payment status inquiries and vendor service and management.


The VendorInfo Solution offered by Financial Operations Networks has been instrumental in helping us centralize our vendor registration process. The team at FON worked with us to create a unique, user-friendly portal to meet our specific needs. The built-in W-8/W-9 guide has been extremely helpful, and the automatic TIN Matching and OFAC/SDN Compliance Checks have turned, what used to be a very manual process, into an automatic, easy way to help us validate our vendors. Also, as our internal process continues to evolve, FON has been able to accommodate every request we have made to update our portal and vendor forms. FON has been wonderful to work with and their VendorInfo Solution is great!

-Global Consulting Firm

I cannot thank you enough for your help. You all are truly great partners to work with. I’m so glad we chose VendorInfo.

-Carolyn Goodman

Accounts Payable Manager - American Senior Communities

InvoiceInfo has been a great asset for the vendors. The clean, easy to use, interface and basic functionality make obtaining the status of invoices as easy as ever. The implementation of InvoiceInfo has streamlined communication between the vendors and me, allowing more time to focus on resolving issues as opposed to providing updates. I excitedly introduce this to all my vendors knowing that they will have a positive experience with the product.

-Thomas Jefferson University

Automated Vendor Portal

VendorInfo is easily configured to an organization’s business needs.

New vendor registration forms are effortlessly set up.
Many organizations are up and running with VendorInfo in as little as two weeks, with minimal IT involvement and no disruption to their existing business processes.
Organizations also can easily add vendor onboarding capabilities as their needs change.
Accounts Payable Software

Provide your vendors with self-service tools to answer invoice and payment status questions and automatically reconcile their statements

InvoiceInfo offers a range of custom self-service solutions, with options to ensure that you get and pay for the exact capabilities your organization requires. You can be up and running in as little as two weeks.

Secure Vendor Onboarding

Automated vendor onboarding offers a configurable vendor self-service portal that reduces compliance and payment fraud risk

Automated Bank Account Verification

Get the fastest and most secure way to verify bank account ownership with VendorInfo's automated bank account validation

Automated TIN Verification

VendorInfo automates vendor onboarding and compliance

Automated OFAC Screening

The effortless way to ensure OFAC SDN sanctions compliance

Simplify & Streamline Vendor Onboarding

Self-Service Vendor Onboarding

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VendorInfo is easily configured to an organization’s business needs.

Self-service Onboarding

VendorInfo accelerates supplier onboarding and reduces the risk of payment fraud and compliance issues with a self-service portal that automatically collects, validates, and manages supplier details.


Onboarding Compliance

VendorInfo helps organizations mitigate the risk of compliance issues.

  • W-9 and W-8 tax form processing
  • Tax identification number (TIN) matching
  • Automated bank account validation
  • Vendor verification against OFAC/SDN and 22 federal compliance lists


How to Automate Vendor Onboarding

It’s easy for organizations of all sizes and across all industries to get start with VendorInfo – from universities and government agencies to high-velocity businesses and Fortune100 companies.

Automated Vendor Onboarding & More

Keep acquisition, launch and maintenance costs low.

VendorInfo’s SaaS-based delivery model means there are no pricey software licenses or servers to buy, and organizations will never pay for vendor onboarding features that they don’t use. VendorInfo’s is a standalone application that can be up and running in as little as two weeks, with little or no IT resources required.

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Automated Vendor Portal

Strengthen Controls, Security & Efficiency

Financial Operations Networks

Why Vendor Self-Service?

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InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo provide security, control and efficiency with minimal effort and low cost. Modular Software-as-a-Service and outstanding support give you exactly the configuration you need to get the results you expect for vendor onboarding, profile management, compliance, approvals and invoice inquiries.

Complete Control

InvoiceInfo and VendorInfo vendor portals give you complete visibility and control of your vendor onboarding, profile management and customer service functions.

Secure & Protected

Sensitive information is protected. Vendors are automatically compliance-verified. Approvals follow your workflow.

Workflow Efficiency

Internal procedures and training are streamlined and simplified. All activities are recorded and tracked for visibility and transparency.

Save Time

Accounts payable and procurement staff are spared from replying to emails and phone calls.


Financial Operations Networks

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